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Day pass price
Price for day pass
For full access to all facilities within the venue
Shower only price
Price for shower only
Shower/changing rooms, only price

Venue Under £5


Venue £5-£10


Venue Over £10


Favourite venue

 A venue that has been added to your favourites - only available to logged in members

Santander Bikes Station

Santander bikes are available across London and can be hired for £2. See the TFL website for more information

Verified venue

A verified venue is one that has either been visited by a member of the Flow team or else one where at least five members have checked in to

Unverified venue

 A venue that is yet to be checked out. Be the first and tell us what you think!

Budget facility

Budget facilities suitable for a quick shower and change

Business friendly

Venue that also offers wifi and an area to relax

Toggle to map

View map/image

Tap this icon to switch between the venue images and its location on a map on the venue detail page (only available on mobile and app)

Features available on App and Website


Registration is free and a number of features are only available to registered users. We have made the registration process as simple as possible. You can either use Facebook or Google+ to login or by setting up a username and password. Choose your preferred option from the registration screen. All usernames and passwords are case sensitive and please don't use spaces so take care when registering/logging on. 

The following features are only available once you have registered/logged in:

  • Collecting points
  • Entering competitions (only available on the app)
  • Rate venue (only available on the app)
  • Leave comment about venue
  • Upload photo of venue (only available on the app)
  • Favourites (only available on the app)
  • Check in (only available on the app)

When registering please note that your username will be displayed when you upload a comment, if you win a competition, and will be used further in future functionality. We therefore advise that you don’t use your email or full name, in order to protect your privacy.

Collecting points

Every action you take on the site, has been assigned a number of points. Collect points for eligibility to enter competitions.

  • Registration: 100
  • Logon : 5
  • Check in:
  • 10 same venue
  • 30 new Venue
  • Favourite: 5
  • Rating : 5
  • Approved new venue : 250
  • Approved comment : 50
  • Approved photo upload: 150

We reserve the right to purge points from any user account that are deemed to have been fraudulently awarded

Rate venue and leave comments

Go to the venue detail page from the pop up window on the map or via the app. Choose either the thumbs up or the thumbs down to rate the venue and click on comment to leave your thoughts. Please note that comments will be checked before they are made available to other members of the site. Once approved you will receive your points for the comment.

Please note that whilst we don’t limit nor have a minimum number of characters for a comment, the idea is to give other members your thoughts on the venue. We reserve the right to delete any comment that is:

  • Offensive
  • Unintelligible
  • Libellous
  • Repetitive
  • Offers no additional information other than that encapsulated by rating the venue

Upload photo

Go to the venue detail page from the pop up window on the map or via the app and scroll to the bottom of the page. To take a photo choose the Take Photo icon and to upload one from your library choose the Upload icon. All photos should be clear and of the venue. Please ask permission before taking any photo inside the venue and ensure you follow any instructions given to you by the management.

Any offensive, pornographic or otherwise unsuitable photo will be deleted. Once your photo has been approved you will be awarded the relevant number of points.

Santander Cycles

From the Transport for London website: You can hire a bike from as little as £2. Simply go to any docking station with your bank card and touch the screen to get started. Santander Cycles is London's self-service, bike-sharing scheme for short journeys. There's no need to book - hire a bike, ride it where you like, then return it to any docking station.

Full information can be found here:

Docking stations will appear on the map as part of the search result and can be viewed from the Nearest Bikes section of the app.

Add to Favourites

Go to the pop up window on the map, the full venue screen on the website or via the app and choose

Check in

It would be very helpful for us to understand usage of the various venues around London. Therefore we have included a check-in facility to let us know where the most popular venues are. To help us and earn points, please do check in as you use the various venues we have identified around London. You can check in from the home screen on the website, from the pop up window on the map or via the detailed venue screen on the website or the app and choose

Features only available on the website

The website has been designed to work on any device from mobile up. Do let us know if you encounter any problems or have questions that aren’t answered here

NB: Flowfinder is currently only available in London, England. If you are outside of London, the app will assume you are Buckingham Palace.

Journey Planner

The journey planner offers two options; either you can search for a shower near a particular location, or else you can plan your journey. The first view you will see is to plan your journey.

If you are using a device which can identify your location, you can automatically fill either the start or destination of your journey by clicking on

Alternatively you can type in the address in the relevant field.

Once you have entered a start and end point the route will be calculated and you will be shown the following:

  • Turn by turn instructions
  • The nearest venues to your destination, where you can grab a shower, at three price points:
  • Less than £5
  • £5-£10
  • Over £10
  • The nearest Santander bike stations to the start and end of your journey

Alternatively you can find the showers closest to your current location by choosing

Provided you are in London the map will centre to your current position and:

  • Display the nearest venues where you can grab a shower, at three price points:
  • Less than £5
  • £5-£10
  • Over £10
  • The nearest Santander bike stations to the start and end of your journey

Click on the venue marker you are interested in, to find additional information.

You can also enter an address manually should we wish to search for venues in other locations around London.

To switch back to Journey Planner click on


Click on the markers to find out more information



From the pop up window you can click on the:

  • Name of the venue to go to the detailed venue page
  • Directions
  • In journey planner, will insert the route to the venue from your starting point before continuing your journey to your destination and will insert the venue at the end point of your journey before reaching your final destination
  • In Find a Shower Near Me, will show you how to get to the venue from your current (or entered) location
  • Google Maps to send the route to Google Maps to take advantage of their navigation facilities
  • Checkin will only work if you are within 50metres of the venue based on the location of your device. If you are outside of this area then please ensure you are at the venue when you attempt to check in.
  • Favourite to add the venue to your list of favourites. This filtered list can then be accessed via the app as well as changing the icon on the map, when the favourite is one of the venues that is returned to the map



From the pop up window you can click on the bike marker. This will add directions to the bike station from your current location at the start of the journey and will insert before the venue you will use at the end of the destination.

Route planning insertions:

In summary the logic for route planning works like this when adding directions:

  • Start point/current location
  • Insert venue at start of journey
  • Insert location of Santander Cycles at start of journey
  • Insert location of Santander Cycles at end of journey
  • Insert location of venue at end of journey
  • Show directions to final destination

Features only available on the app

Nearest Location

To refresh your location, pull the screen down with your finger if it hasn’t updated automatically. Please note you need to turn on location services to use this feature. Please refer to your device help files to understand how to do this

To use any of these features you need to first logon. If you don’t have an account you can register on the app or via the website.

Entering Competitions

View available competitions in the rewards section of the app. You will be shown any competitions that you qualify for. In order to enter, choose Enter Competition. If you haven’t entered a competition before, you will be asked to enter additional information so we can send you any prizes that you win.

After entering a competition, the number of points required to enter, will be deducted from the balance.

Competitions will fall into one of the following categories:


Prize relates to position i.e. 1st 2nd 3rd placed in the competition

Prize Draw

All entries are put into a draw and prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (up to the stipulated number of winners) to be ‘pulled out of the hat’. Prizes may vary depending on the position drawn


Reach the target and qualify for the prize


Reach the target and qualify for the prize, up to a set number of winners


Meet specified criteria in order to qualify

Other nearby facilities

See up to ten other facilities close to your current location in the Nearest Facilities section.

Nearby Bikes

See the closest docking stations to your current position

Venue Detail Page

To view the full details of a venue, including a description, comments, ratings and all available photo click on the venue summary anywhere on the app


To view your favourite venues, logon to the app and choose Favourites either from the menu at the top right of the app or else scroll down to favourites on the home screen


In this section you will find the amount of points you have earnt:

  • In the last week
  • In the last month
  • Current total
  • All time

The all time total includes those points that you have previously spent whereas the current total reflects any points spent, entering competitions.

Beneath your points status you will first find those competitions that you qualify for, and below those any other competitions that are currently running with details on how to qualify.

Update content

For the latest information on all venues, choose Update Content at the bottom of the landing page