What we think about when we think about Flowfinder

After safety, lack of facilities is cited as the number one reason why people don't cycle (and by extrapolation, use another form of active travelling) in London, according to TFL.

For those who do have access to showers and changing facilities, many use a gym; but others only have access to office facilities which tend to be in short supply, with long waiting times.  On the flip side, public transport is over crowded, expensive, unreliable and on balance, not great for your mental and physical health either. So we want to make it easier for people to be active in their travelling around this wonderful city.

There are a number of venues around London that offer day passes to use their facilities including gyms, hotels and spas. So we thought we would put all this information together with everything you need to know about bike hire stations, to help change the way we travel.

We know there are other factors involved in active travel, and behavioural change is never easy. Toiletries, a change of clothes and navigating the busy streets all play their part, but when the sun is shining there is no better city in the world than London, and we want to help you to enjoy it above ground and at your own pace. Check out our facebook page for tips together with articles about health, well being and lots of other good stuff.

We live in an incredibly green city, where parks, large and small and greens are dotted across the landscape providing places to exercise as well as having the river and canals to run or walk along. So much that invites us to get out of the office in our lunch hours, tear ourselves away from the desk, look up from the screens, and get some exercise.  

Cycle to work, go for a run, use the urban infrastructure as your gym. Flowfinder allows you to free up time in your busy day by combining exercise with travel, and as a result you'll experience a positive impact on your wellbeing and find your brain cells firing on all cylinders.

Exercise, shower where it’s convenient for you, and move on to the next part of your day seamlessly.

Go on, find your flow!

The Flowfinder Team