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Five portable winter skincare products for active commuters

The perfect presents for active commuters in the lead up to Christmas or simply a treat for yourself because you deserve it, there’s no reason showering on the go should be anything less than luxurious. These are our five recommendations for feeling at home after an active morning commute…

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Wearable tech for winter fitness

Short of actually getting outside and getting on with it, wearable tech it s 21st century fitness enthusiast’s most trusty ally in making the route to fitness easier and more productive. So here’s what’s on the top of our wearable tech list for winter fitness…

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How to avoid pollution when cycling in London

It’s estimated that around two million people cycle every day in the UK, which accounts for about 4% of the population with around 15% cycling at least once a month, but amongst the factors putting people off active commuting in London is pollution. So, how can you avoid it?

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Top five hidden treasures for showering on the go in London

As anyone knows, there are showers and there are showers, and the difference between a good one and a bad one can really change how you feel about your day. It’s not even just about the shower itself, it’s about the whole experience around it; the free wifi, the quality of the coffee, the ambience... Here are FlowFinder’s top five hidden treasures for showering on the go in London…

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Inside the minds of the people behind FlowFinder

Will Hawkins is part of the team behind the new FlowFinder app, helping active commuters and London’s city slickers to shower on the go and make their time work harder for them. Here, he explains why this isn’t just an app for showers, it’s a way of life…

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Five things you need for autumn cycling

Cycling in the summer is one thing. We can all see the benefit of getting up and cycling to work in the early morning sunshine. But what about when the weather turns and you’re faced with rain and the impending winter chill? Don’t worry, it’s nothing the right kit can’t fix!