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Guide to efficient packing for cyclists

The biggest reason for not running, walking, cycling or skating to work – or whatever other self propelled mode one might think of, is not safety but convenience. As human beings we are fundamentally geared towards the path of least resistance and when it comes to changing our behaviour it feels like a monumental effort, so the smallest hurdle becomes a wonderful excuse.

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Why using your own body weight is the key to good health

There’s always a new fad when it comes to exercise, but rumbling away in the background amongst the kale and green smoothies, strength training is proving to have staying power linking it to a catalogue of health benefits.

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I quit the City to run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires

Jamie Ramsay is not your average runner… well, at least not these days. The PR man turned adventurer quit his job in 2014 to follow his passion – running. Now he’s back at base in London preparing for his next adventure, so we had to ask… what is it about running?

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How I used outdoor gyms to rehabilitate after open heart surgery

You hear about cases of sudden death in healthy, young people in their 20s and 30s, and the mind reels, so just imagine what it’s like to be told you could have been one of them. After discovering a heart defect at the age of 29, Guy Heywood had open heart surgery which took place in mid November 2013. Putting that into context, doctors said he wouldn’t have survived until Christmas without it.

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Why cycling in London changed my view of the city

Last weekend, over the bank holiday I did something I never do. I spent it in London. I used to live and work in London; commuting every day on tubes and trains, sniffing London Underground grime as I went, and usually arriving at work in a completely foul mood before 9am, having been breathing eau d’armpit for a large portion of the day so far.