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Five places you have to stop for great coffee in London

You know what you need after a workout and a really good shower? An excellent cup of coffee and somewhere to check your emails. While you’re doing it, you might as well do it well. Here are five places you have to stop on your Flowfinder route for great coffee in London…

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Can cyclists and other road users coexist?

As cyclists ourselves we can see the perils and the irritations of the road from the side of the bicycle, but we’re also aware of how much cycling in the city can antagonize other road users. So what’s the solution? Can cyclists and other road users coexist?

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Could a break-up inspire you to get fit?

If you’ve ever been for a run when you’re really angry or upset, you will know how helpful it can be. Break-ups are horrible, in fact any emotional trauma is really abhorrent. But according to reports, we’re turning tragedy into triumph with a trend towards break-up fitness…

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The initiative that’s encouraging more women to cycle

As lovers of the active commute and generally exploring the city in any way that’s not motorised and has added feel-good factor, it’s always a wonderful thing to see a new initiative to help other people discover or rediscover their joy of all things active, especially cycling.

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How to turn unhealthy behaviours for healthy ones

With so many things, particularly when it comes to our own wellbeing, the biggest obstacles are ourselves. Sure, there are external factors that we can’t change, but invariably it’s easier to blame those than it is to choose to make changes to the one thing we can control – our own position, attitude or perspective. Blame is a wonderful excuse.