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Why Active Travel

The Advantages of Active Travel

We love active travel; cycling, running, walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, pogo sticks... you get the idea. Ditch the train for your trainers, the bus for a bike and set yourself up for a productive day

Travelling around the city doesn't have to be a chore, rather, it can be an experience. London is stunning in the summer and has all sorts of hidden treasures. So rather than the scrum of the tube, you could stumble across some horses under the Westway

Did you know that there is a tax incentive for cycling to business meetings? 20 pence a mile if you own your own bike. There is also the Cycle to Work scheme to help you save money. That is in addition to no more bus and train fares

Another good reason to #activetravel - you will never be late again. No more stressing about traffic, no more worrying about missing the bus or running for the train. When you cycle or run, you will rarely experience similar delays, even in rush hour enabling to arrive stressfree and ready for the real challenges of your day.

So it is clear that activetravel is the way forward and at the end of your journey we have showers and changing facilities waiting for you. Save money, get some exercise, be punctual, experience London and you can plan it all with the #flowfinder app available on Google Play and The App Store.


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