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How to cycle with style

Not everyone wants to do an imitation of a Lycra clad neon glow stick when they go out cycling. Those of us who want to active commute around London are not necessarily in just one box marked ‘fitness fan’.

Some of us want to be fit, stylish and healthy all at the same time. It’s the reason we matriculated from the Lynx effect in our post shower ablutions to something more contemporary – in our case Jo Malone’s dark amber and ginger lily cologne, but you of course will have your own preference (and yes, they do come in easily transportable 30ml bottles for those out and about Flowfinder showers).

Anyway, scents aside, looking stylish before and after you smugly cycle across London to work on a cool autumn morning is one thing. But looking stylish while you do it is a whole different and entirely wonderful step further up the successful feel good factor flow finding stakes.

With fashion in mind

One of our favourite style discoveries has been


– an Islington based brand designed by Megan, a graduate from esteemed fashion school Central Saint Martins, and her husband Steven, an avid cyclist and designer, who came to the realisation that commuting professionals require functional clothing fit for the boardroom – a duo after our own hearts!

With Megan’s background in high-end fashion design and Steven’s first-hand understanding of city cyclists’ needs, they were able to create stylish ‘Performance Fashion’ and the result is pleasing on all levels. Reconstructing classic styles in conjunction with the latest technology, fabrics and features. MEAME create quality products that look good and perform brilliantly.

Performance clothing

They design for both men and women, and it’s the sort of place you could happily spend a small fortune, but so far our favourites include their reflective tweed blazer for both men and women, which could be worn anywhere and won’t mark you out as a cyclist once you reach your destination.

Discreet under arm ventilation and luxury wool assist temperature regulation, whilst a quality Teflon finish repels water. For night time safety the reflective thread within the weave is illuminated by headlights.

To tell you the truth, we feel a little like an eco friendly, active commuting Bond!


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