We have traveled across London (on our Santander Cycles) and found the city's widest variety of locations where you can use showers and facilities for a day without paying for ongoing membership. You can either purchase day passes on-site or download them from the venue websites, and you can find them all, as well as all the information you need, on our app and website. There is currently no formal affiliation with these venues, just good old fashioned research put to good use by technology, but watch this space and see where the relationships go!

If you are a Flowfinder user visiting a venue through the app, and you like the way we work, feel free to give them our details so we can support them further!

Alternatively if you are a venue and want to know more, we would love to chat to you!

Give us a call on 020 7602 8482 or email us at venues@flowfinder.london

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